FALL: F002

Do you like the faded leaves of fall?
Or the bright ones?

Your choice of faded or bright FALL design:
Small (4" x 10"): $6.00
Medium (6" x 15"): $11.00
Large (8" x 20"): $17.50

*Take 25% off during September!


innisfam said...

very cute stuff.
So I changed my wording on the canada move. we still have to do immigration but probably in the next year or two, and who knows if it will be perm. because we just bought a house.??? its all still kind of ?'s
thanks for offering dinner, you dont have to though, i mean if that something you like to do then fine, but I know how hectic it is to make one meal with a baby let alone two........ for me anyways. :) your too kind!!
Im so ready and scared for this surgery.... only 4 more days. eek