A Break

I am going to be taking a break from doing vinyl for a while. If you have previously contacted me about vinyl I will finish your order.

I wish I was leaving to relax on the beach in the Dominican Republic--but it is more to recover from surgery and get my house clean (if you've seen my house you know it might be a looong break!).

I AM STILL TAKING ORDERS FOR METAL. November 15 is the deadline for metal that is guaranteed by Christmas! Email me with any questions.

September Giveaway Winner

Here it is, October 6, and I still haven't announced the winner of my September Giveaway! Pathetic. I know.

The winner of the September Contest is #30--Tara! Go check out her adorable blog: http://stamp-a-licious.blogspot.com/ and tell her congrats!


Together: L002

Small (5" x 15"): $11.00

Medium (9" x 27"): $27.00
Large (12" x 36": $45.00


Come Gather: K002

Small (6" x 23"): $13.50
Medium (9" x 34"): $30.00
Large (12" x 45.5): $53.00

*Take 25% off during September!

Welcome to our Home: E001

Small (5" x 10"): $6.00
Medium (8" x 15.5"): $13.00
Large (13" x 25.5): $32.00


Share Them: I003

This is one of my first designs, but it is still one of my favorites!

Small (5" x 22.5"): $11.00
Medium (7" x 31.5"): $21.00
Large (9" x 40.5): $35.00

*Take 25% off during September!

Welcome: FD004

Standard Size (5.5" x 23"): $10.00


Family Name: L001

I love the idea of this design on a wall behind a table, lamp, and a stack of books. I also think it would look great in an entry or by family photos.
*Insert your family name and year established.

Small (6" x 9"): $7.00

Medium (9" x 14"): $12.50
Large (11" x 17"): $18.00

Sit for a Spell: H002

Small (6" x 9.5"): $7.50
Medium (9" x 14"): $13.50
Large (11" x 17.5"): $20.00

*Take 25% off during September!


Welcome: FD001

Standard Size (5.5" x 23"): $10.00

Think To Thank: I001

Small (5" x 5.5"): $7.50
Medium (7" x 7.5"): $12.00
Large (9" x 10"): $19.50

*Take 25% off during September!

FALL: F002

Do you like the faded leaves of fall?
Or the bright ones?

Your choice of faded or bright FALL design:
Small (4" x 10"): $6.00
Medium (6" x 15"): $11.00
Large (8" x 20"): $17.50

*Take 25% off during September!

Spooky Cat: H001

Small (4" x 10"): $6.00
Medium (6" x 15.5"): $11.00
Large (8" x 20"): $17.50

*Take 25% off during September!


Harvest Blessings: F001

Small (5" x 15.5"): $9.50
Medium (7" x 21.5"): $16.50
Large (9" x 30"): $28.00

*Take 25% off during September!

September Special

I am so excited for Fall! I love all the colors and holidays this time of year!

This month's special is 25% of any Fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving vinyl. I will be posting ideas soon, but if you have something in mind email me and we will work it out. Thanks!

September Giveaway

Wow! September already!
This month the giveaway will be $28.00 worth of Metal Work. This is enough for 4 small letters (Home, Love, Hope, etc.) or can be used toward the purchase of a longer word.

Leave a comment on this post to enter. Good luck!

August Winner

For the August Giveaway I went to random.org and got the #30--so Becky is the winner of $18.25 worth of vinyl! Congrats Becky and thanks everyone for entering.


Princess: GB001

-Small (5"x 18.5): $11.00
-Medium (7"x 26"): $19.00
-Large (9"x 33.5"): $31.00


Happiness: I002

Do you have a favorite saying or quote? Design it in vinyl and place it somewhere where it will inspire you. This is one of my favorites:

-Small (4"x 11"): $4.50
-Medium (7"x 19"): $13.00
-Large (10" x 27.5"): $26.00

Initials: BB001

Do your kids want to put their names on everything? Let them! Personalize their space with these fun designs in their favorite colors.

-Small (4"x 10.5"): $9.00
-Medium (6"x 16"): $14.00
-Large (8" x 21.5"): $22.00

*Due to variations in name lengths, width sizes might vary.


Loads of Fun!: LR001

I don't know how you feel about it, but a little sarcasm can really make my day (of course it only works if I'm the one being sarcastic). So, naturally, I love this design.

I've seen similar designs and couldn't get them out of my head--hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Bring a little joy to your laundry room:
-Small (5"x 16"): $8.00
-Medium (7"x 23"): $15.00
-Large (9"x 29.5"): $25.00


Bath: B001

I am lucky enough to live only minutes away from my mom. Well, today I drove her crazy by trying to design some vinyl for her house. Here is the design we came up with for her bathroom. I love, love, love it! Don't be surprised if you come to my house and see the same thing here.

-Small (8"x16"): $14.50
-Large (13"x26"): $36.00

Kitchens Are Made: K001

And here is what we came up with for her fridge. I really like this quote!

You can have one too:
-Small (4"x16"): $8.25
-Medium (6"x24"): $16.00
-Large (8"x31.5"): $24.00


Recent Projects

Here are some samples of what I have been working on lately. You might have noticed some of these designs posted earlier . . . here is what they look like completed. Thanks DD for the pictures and the fun!


Welcome: FD003

Standard Size (5.5" x 23"): $10.00

Welcome: FD002

Standard Size (5.5" x 23"): $10.00


Stand For Truth & Righteousness


August Special (Finished)


My August Special is 50% off the original price of this FAMILY sign (12" tall x 30.5" wide, black, same font as pictured) with your choice of saying, color, and font to go through the center. The sale price is $15.00.

I also have HOME signs (12" tall x 23.5" wide, black or brown, same font as FAMILY picture) with your choice of saying, color, and font to go through the center. The sale price is $12.00.

*Shipping is $4.00. Local pickup welcome.

Don't forget to enter the August Giveaway!

Some ideas for FAMILY:

-Families can be together forever
-A family that plays/prays together stays together
-It’s a Wonderful Life
-Together is the best place to be
-Individual Family names (Evan*Jessica*Braxton*Emily)
-Together we make a family
-Together we have it all
-The ones we live with, laugh with, and love
-Life is better because we’re together
-We may not have it all together, but together we have it all
-We Begin and End with Family
-Families are Forever
-Like Branches on a tree our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one
-I Have Learned That Being With Those I Love Is Enough
-The most important things in life aren’t things

Some ideas for HOME:

-Is Where Your Story Begins
-Is Where You Hang Your Heart
-Love, Laughter, and Friends are Always Welcome
-A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth
-The Gathering Place
-Love is what makes a house a home
-May our home be warm and our friends be many
-Bless this home
-Love at home
-Welcome Friends
-Welcome home
-There’s no place like home
-Home sweet home
-Love, Faith, Laughter, and Friends Are Always Welcome
-May God Bless This Home and Those Who Enter
-Bless This Home With Love, Faith, & Happiness
-There is no Place Like Home

August Giveaway (Finished)

The August Giveaway works like this:

If only 10 people leave a comment the prize will be $11.00 (1 sq. foot) of vinyl. However, for each additional 10 (original-please don't enter twice) comments I will add another $2.25 (1/4 sq. foot) of vinyl. So tell your friends to comment so that if you win you will get mucho vinyl!


*Make sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win!*

July Contest Winners

That's right--I said July Contest Winners! Thank you everyone for entering the July Giveaway! I wanted to give everyone a sign, but settled on giving away three. I went to random.org and it gave me the following:

So . . . the lucky winners are:

1. Rhonda

7. Alicia

12. rowleypowley-Misty

Thanks everyone and don't forget to enter the August Giveaway!




July's Special (Finished)

$6.00 DOoR SigNs!
People often want vinyl but don't know what to say or where to put it--that's why I love door signs. For the month of July, order these door signs for $6.00 each.
My sister Lindsey's door and her adorable son. Thanks Linz for the picture!
To order your Welcome sign, follow steps 1-3:
Step 1: Select a font
Step 2: Choose a color-Black or Cream
Step 3: Order-send me an email (bunksjunk@gmail.com) with your choices. I will email you back to work out the details.

Other Info:
*Signs are 5.5" x 23"
*Shipping for up to five signs is $4.00. If you prefer local pick up that's ok too. I am also willing to combine shipping if you want to order more vinyl.
*For $8.00 you can customize your Welcome sign so that the font or color is different than the options I gave.

* * * * * Comment on this post for a chance to win a FREE Welcome sign! * * * * *
*Leave a comment on this post before midnight on July 31 for a chance to enter this month's contest.
*Winner of random drawing receives a free "Welcome" sign with their choice of font and color.

Polka Dots

See spots with these adorable polka dots!Small (Largest dot=6" diameter): $7.00
Medium (Largest dot=8" diameter): $12.00
Large (Largest dot=12" diameter): $28.00

*All dots are the same color (per sheet).


More Vinyl Fun

It has been a while since I posted! After taking time off for baby and a move I am getting the creative bug and wanting to do some more vinyl. Hopefully I will have some more pictures to post soon--I have to decide what sayings I want!

In July I am going to start having monthly specials, but I haven't decided what discounts to have yet. So if you want a deal on something let me know! :)


No Commitment Vinyl

My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower and wanted to have a festive way of sharing baby Bunk's name. I made this vinyl and thought it turned out cute with the pink and brown. We just stuck it on the wall and peeled it off when the party was over--the hardest part was deciding where to put it!


Here are some samples of the fonts that can be used for vinyl. Double click on the picture for a better view. Enjoy!

More Fonts